Revolutionizing Parking: BMW Unveils Remote Valet Feature at CES

Samir Kumar Mandal



The automotive world is witnessing a breakthrough development as BMW unveils its latest innovation in car technology – Remote Valet Parking. Shown at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, this feature takes autonomous parking to a whole new level, allowing the car to be parked remotely with advanced technology.

Automatic Valet Parking:

BMW, in collaboration with supplier Valeo, introduces the next generation automated parking solution. The system enables the car to roam the parking lot, find an available space and steer itself into it. This innovative technology is designed to be fully autonomous or, in complex situations, remote-controlled. Users can experience the remote-control parking feature using the vehicle's live camera images and active-safety system sensors to safely navigate the environment.

Key Benefits:

Ease of use: BMW envisions owners using this technology to streamline their arrival at major events and airports, making parking a hassle-free experience.

Integration with Key Fob: The remote parking feature works seamlessly with a modern key fob equipped with a touchscreen, allowing owners to effortlessly initiate the parking process.

Security system: The system includes four cameras and a dozen ultrasonic sensors, providing a 360-degree view around the vehicle. Safety is a priority, with owners monitoring the process remotely to ensure a safe parking experience.

European Sewing:

Hector Arellano-Belloc, BMW technology spokesman, emphasized that the system is intended for Europe and other markets where small garages and tight spaces pose challenges. The technology enables users to navigate tight spaces without the risk of scraping the door, making garage space more efficient.

Challenges in the US Market:

While remote parking is already available as a 7-Series option in Europe, the US market has yet to adopt this innovative feature. BMW is actively working to get the necessary approvals to introduce remote parking in American showrooms.

Impressive CES demo:

ARS Technica provides an insightful look at the CES 2024 demo, highlighting the simplicity and functionality of remote valet parking. The basic idea involves handing over control to a real human at a remote call center, eliminating the need for advanced hardware in the car. The system relies on existing sensors and antennas, making it a potentially quick and convenient over-the-air update for current BMW owners.

BMW's remote valet parking represents a significant advance in autonomous vehicle technology. The ability to remotely park a car without the need for additional hardware opens up new possibilities for enhancing the driving experience. As they await regulatory approval for the US market, it's clear that BMW is at the forefront of innovation, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the automotive industry.