Beyond Boundaries: Top AI Innovations from CES 2024


Samir Kumar Mandal


Samsung has unveiled a transparent micro LED display that looks like a thin slab of glass. With an extremely small micro LED chip, this modular design eliminates SIM and light refraction. The transparent display is expected to find applications in both homes and offices, offering a unique and personalized visual experience.

US-based technology company Rabbit has launched the Rabbit R1, a pocket-sized AI device that runs on Rabbit OS. Priced at $199, it allows users to send and receive messages, make calls and use various applications including voice commands. Positioned as a more affordable alternative to the AI pin, the Rabbit R1 offers a compact and versatile solution for on-the-go AI interaction.

Chinese consumer products company Roborock has unveiled the RoboRock S8 MaxV Ultra, an intelligent hybrid robot for vacuuming and mopping. Equipped with AI-powered voice assistance and a camera that recognizes dirt, the device automatically adjusts cleaning settings. Additionally, it can act as a security camera and even facilitate video calls when they are automatically cleared.

Netherlands-based tech company HoloConnects has introduced an awe-inspiring AI-powered holographic solution called Holbox. The device resembles a telephone booth and has the ability to display a full-sized holographic rendering of a person with zero latency. This futuristic technology brings sci-fi visuals to life, offering a simple conversational experience with holographic representations. Holoconnects have pushed the boundaries of what was once only seen in movies, making holograms a reality.

Samsung, the South Korean tech giant, unveiled an upgraded version of its robotic companion, Ballie, at CES 2024. This AI-powered robot is equipped with a built-in projector, allowing it to display various photos, videos and other content. Surfaces like floors, walls and ceilings. The demonstration shows Bali entertaining a dog with videos of birds, initiating video calls and controlling smart home appliances like lights and AC. The fusion of home automation and projection makes Bali an entertaining and versatile smart home robot.


Samsung's AI Robot Bally with Built-in Projector:
Rabbit R1 - Affordable AI Device:

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 in Las Vegas once again proved to be a melting pot of innovation, with artificial intelligence taking center stage. Tech enthusiasts and industry professionals from around the world were mesmerized by the breakthrough AI-powered technologies showcased at the event. In this blog, we will explore few exceptional AI-based technologies that will stand out at CES 2024.

Samsung's Transparent Micro LED Display:
Holoconnects' AI-powered holographic solution - Holobox:
Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra - Intelligent Hybrid Robot:

CES 2024 undoubtedly set the stage for the future of AI-driven technology, showcasing a variety of innovations that have the potential to revolutionize many aspects of our lives. From holographic communications to AI-enhanced mental health companions, the array of innovations showcased at the event reflect the relentless pursuit of technological excellence. As these AI marvels continue to evolve, we can expect a future where the boundaries between science fiction and reality blur even further.

Moonwalkers Robotic Shoes - AI-Powered Speed:

Developed by ShiftRobotics, Moonwalkers claim to be the world's fastest shoes. Powered by AI and utilizing machine learning to adapt to users' walking patterns, these shoes feature an ergonomic hinge system that preserves mobility and balance. The DC motor distributes power across eight polyurethane wheels, allowing users to walk at the speed of a run.

NVIDIA GeForce Super GPUs - AI-Powered Gaming:

Chipmaker NVIDIA introduced the GeForce Super GPUs, including the GeForce RTX 40 SUPER Series family. These gaming GPUs promise enhanced performance with generative AI capabilities, delivering up to 836 AI TOPS for transformative experiences in gaming, content creation, and everyday productivity.

LG's Alpha 11 AI Processor:

LG showcased its Alpha 11 AI processor, promising improved AI performance and picture quality. The new processor boasts a 70% improvement in graphic performance and 30% faster processing speed than LG's previous generation. With several AI-driven refinements, Alpha 11 aims to deliver an immersive viewing experience.